Hawaii's Pre-Testing; Make an appointment with CVS Minute Clinic or Walgreens Pharmacy for Travel Testing with 2-3 day results. Also Kaiser Permanente. Upload the COVID test and all travel information: Travel.Hawaii.gov (we have done this process, it's really simple) or search on google at Safe Travels Hawaii.

Hawaii is only letting us book to guests that are not doing the 10-day quarantine process. If tests do not come back in time you will need to stay at a hotel. Please keep in mind Maui's Economy may not back up to its full Paradise Vacation Destination until 2022.


Percurrent guidelines for travel to Hawaii, until further notice; Kaanapali Royal Office will need all guests to obtain proof that the State of Hawaii has cleared our guests. The primary proof is the hard copy documentation proving a negative COVID test result within 72-hours of their last travel leg to Hawaii or a US Covid Vaccination Card, booking guests will need to show that each individual in the party has been cleared to bypass the 10-day quarantine. 

Most, if not all, condos and resorts will also require proof that the guests have been cleared before allowing them onto the property. Booking guests will need to email the owner all individuals forms of clearance.

We will be sure to educate our guests about the State of Hawaii and Maui County Covid-19 guidelines. This will help avoid confusion, delays, and other travel-related frustrations for our valued guests.

Finally, providing us with accurate emergency contact telephone numbers and flight times for each of our guests.

** The current guidelines are detailed below for your reference:

Travelers entering Hawaii from other states in the U.S. and its territories who have been fully vaccinated in the United States (including its Territories) may bypass quarantine without a pre-travel test. The vaccination record document must be uploaded to the Safe Travels platform or printed out prior to departure and a hard copy in hand when arriving in Hawaii.

Other travelers can continue to bypass quarantine with a negative COVID-19 test result from a test taken from a trusted partner no more than 72 hours before beginning the final leg of their trip. Anyone without a negative test prior to departure must quarantine upon arrival. The negative test result must be uploaded onto Safe Travels or printed out prior to departure and a hard copy in hand when arriving in Hawaii.

** Travelers with Pending COVID Test Results upon Arrival to Hawaii:

Travelers who submitted to the test prior to their departure but did not receive their test result upon flight departure going to Hawaii must quarantine at a designated property accepting travelers who are subject to quarantine restrictions. The traveler must stay at the designated property, as defined by the State of Hawaii and County of Maui until the traveler receives the negative test result. Ka’anapali Royal will not accept guests subject to quarantine restrictions. Upon receiving a negative test result, the guest can move from the quarantined property to their Ka’anapali Royal vacation rental unit.

** Travelers Without Negative COVID Test Results upon Arrival to Hawaii:

Travelers who did not submit to a COVID test prior to their departure must quarantine for a minimum of 10 days or their entire stay whichever is shorter. The traveler must stay in a designated quarantine property. By law, Ka’anapali Royal cannot accept guests subject to quarantine restrictions.